Can I buy more than one item?
Yes you can buy lots of different items depending on your maximum
weekly payment limit.
What if I miss a payment - if I'm on a contract with Fair Value NZ?
We understand sometimes things come up time to time ;the best
thing you can do is to talk to us and discuss your payment options
and we would be able to help you out.
When do I get my items?
Once the weekly payments as per contract is completed. We will
deliver your Goods at your Door.
Please Note: It's your responsibility to make sure that you always
inform Fair Value NZ with any kind of change in contact details at
your end.
Why is the product different from the website or catalogue?
Usually Manufactures keep making changes and upgrades to
product models, so if your product does not look same, as to what
you have seen that means we have sent you the very latest model (
at no extra cost).
Is there a customer services phone number that i can call to check
my order?
Yes you can call our friendly customer service team on 09-3775474
or email us on info@fairvaluenz.co.nz
What if my item doesn't work?
Product Warranties: Any repairs to any electrical goods which
includes Tablet Pc's and Mobile phones that are not covered by the
manufacturer's warranty will be your responsibility and you will be
responsible to pay the cost of repair. However Fair Value NZ does
provide 6-12 months manufactures warranty on nearly all the items.
In what currency will the price be quoted to me?
All our goods are quoted in NZD which includes GST.